Tuesday, 24 November 2015



If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I recently visited Amsterdam and Florence, which was my sort of let's-see-if-escaping-reality-for-awhile-helps-at-all caper.  Anyway, it kind of did and it kind of did not, but on the bright side, I had plenty to distract me and took a lot of photos, and those are good things :)  So, photos are to come in future posts with which I will no doubt bore you over an extended period of time!

In other news, there isn't much other news, but I just wanted to check in as it has been awhile since I last put in an appearance here.  Randomly: it's peony season, so I treated myself to a bunch over the weekend and have photographed them relentlessly ever since as they are just so beautiful; the Fur Kid has been out of sorts, which worried me a lot, but she is getting back to normal so I am hoping it was just a case of her being sensitive to change, what with being cat-sat (?) by my brother while I was away and all; it has been kind of nice to go back to work and catch up with my friends, and also dress up in something other than jeans, jumpers and boots; the warm weather has arrived, hooray! and Christmas is coming, so I am scouting around for a small tree and some decorations for the apartment to try to get into the Christmas spirit (as opposed to spirits, hah) this year; and I am totally on the brink of buying a new dining table and chairs because Pinterest and cooking shows and cookbooks make me want to host stylish soirees, only we all know that "stylish" will be out of reach (perhaps I might end up on a Pinterest Fail blog of some sort?) and "soiree" is way too sophisticated a word for the disaster that will inevitably ensue :D  But hey, at least my guinea pigs guests will have somewhere nice to sit, hehe.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

sculpture by the sea 2015

You guys!  I actually went out shooting the other day with a camera that is not my iPhone (although I did have my iPhone with me, and did use it to take photos).  The annual Sculpture by the Sea exhibition between Tamarama and Bondi is on again, so I dragged myself out of bed at 5am (groooaaan) on Saturday morning to go and check it out before the inevitable hordes of people descended upon the coastal walk (though I didn't make it quite early enough to avoid people altogether).  My photos are below, if you would like to see ...

And, in other news, I am leaving on a jet plane next week!! :)

So ... this sculpture ... from a distance I thought oh, what an unusual-looking texture that sculpture has, I wonder what it is?

And then, upon closer inspection ... eek!  Nekkid Barbies!  What!  Why? (I know, I know.  Art).

I always shoot this view, because I love it :)

Just chillin', you know ...

And a few shots of Bondi Icebergs and the beach :)

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

rambling (storms, firemen, general mood etc.)

It's a very stormy evening in my corner of the world, which I love, not least because it alleviates the need to water my plants and also my neighbour's plants and incidentally, I think he is mad/brave for asking me to take care of his plants while he is away because mine never look so good?!  Lightning strikes also = building fire alarm invariably going off, which = a firetruck full of firemen! and a day with firemen = a good day unless, I suppose, an actual fire is involved, in which case it's probably not a very good day at all.

But, I digress.

I do love afternoon or evening storms, especially ones that follow hot days like today ... when the sky becomes so ominously dark and the light turns a yellowish green, and the world becomes oddly still before the wind picks up and scatters leaves across the ground, and then the big, heavy raindrops begin to fall, intermittently at first and then the real downpour hits, bringing the temperature right down and making the world feel shiny and refreshed.  I left work just before the downpour, and was walking through the parking lot thinking how lovely it all felt until a giant piece of crap flew into my eye and got all mangled up with my contact lens, which detracted from the loveliness somewhat (though not entirely).

It has actually been a pretty shitty few days; I had a bit of a dip on Saturday from which I haven't quite recovered yet, but I am getting there.  Just doing lots of writing and reflecting and exercise to try to channel my negative thoughts into something constructive.  Good sleep would be nice, but continues to elude me for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, the Fur Kid's current propensity for over-grooming on the bed (basically, imagine lip-smacking [do cats have lips, though?] noises throughout the night) and also nightly visits from a very adorable but also mildly irritating neighbourhood cat, who sits on the patio and meows plaintively for literally hours on end.  I'm pretty sure he just wants to have sex with the Fur Kid but she's not into it (it's okay, even if she was, she has been desexed for like 11 years), and I just want to befriend him but he runs away whenever he sees me.  So between the two cats and life being generally painful right now, I am wondering whether I will ever sleep properly again.

Also, I am still contemplating imminent travel due to a severe case of drapetomania (honestly, is there nothing you can't find on Pinterest?  It's so educational!), but then I keep thinking of that old saying: wherever you go, there you are, and I worry about basically spending a lot of money to feel sad and shit on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks, when I could stay home and feel sad and shit for free?  And then I think about feeling sad and shit and jet lagged in the middle of the night, and even the mere prospect of that combination is almost enough to fell me at times because in my experience, feeling all tormented in the night is kind of the worst.  So I don't know.  But then I think about what a great time I had the last time I travelled alone and, as one of my friends said, you can be whoever you want over there.  I mean, I'm not sure who I would be, but perhaps Tortured Writer and Photographer Natasha who sits in cafes and squares and wanders along riverbanks with her notebook and camera, as opposed to Sad and Shit Natasha, who stares into space and wonders if she will ever feel alright again (and also, sleep)?  It is kind of a tempting prospect; maybe I should give it a go, anyway?

As for destinations, I was originally thinking Italy (of course, 'tis my favourite, and isn't it the Destination of Choice for women in crisis?! [or so the literature/movies would have you believe?]), though last night I also got to thinking about adding Amsterdam to the mix, primarily because I have never been there and also because it looks so pretty.  I do worry, though, about ending up in the wrong kind of cafe, if you know what I mean, though perhaps that could solve all my problems, albeit temporarily? (I am not advocating drug use, by the way, I am just kidding).

Has anyone been to Amsterdam?  Is it a yes/no/maybe??

I think I should stop writing now.  This post seems kinda nuts.


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