30 November 2014

rome | wanderings (part II)

Rome is the city of echoes,
the city of illusions,
and the city of yearning.
- Giotto di Bondone

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

20 November 2014

rome | wanderings (part I)

As I am fortunate enough to have been to Rome a few times over the years, I was happy to spend the majority of my most recent visit simply wandering the city without any particular plans.  I zig-zagged through the maze of streets largely guided by whatever looked even remotely photogenic (which in Rome, is kind of a lot, so I was all over the place!), and possibly also gelato.  It was a pretty wonderful way to spend a few days, and it made my heart happy :)

Needless to say, my next few posts will probably be a random assortment of the many, many photos that I took whilst wandering about ...

I love the Piazza del Campidoglio - big thumbs up to Michelangelo, hehe.

This is the Roman Cat Sanctuary, which is a volunteer-run, no-kill cat shelter located in the ruins of Torre Argentina.  Having a Fur Kid of my own (who I was really missing!) and being an animal lover in general, I think that initiatives like these are so great.  I spent a little time fuzzball-spotting (even found the Fur Kid's Roman doppelgänger [who, like the Fur Kid, was also extremely unco-operative in having his/her photo taken]) and patting/hanging out with my scruffy little buddy pictured two photos below :) 

Crumbling walls + vines = photography love!

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun

2 November 2014

sydney | the grounds of alexandria

It has taken me awhile, but I have begrudgingly come to accept that if I want to avoid Sydney's revolting weekend traffic, I need to get out and about early (boo, hiss.  I love, love my sleep!).  So, no more sleep-ins on Saturdays unless they are devoid of plans other than grocery shopping.  Anyway, my point is that yesterday was another early start, this time to get to The Grounds of Alexandria, which I have been wanting to go back to for awhile, but have avoided due to its insane popularity, plus the traffic and parking woes associated with getting there.  But yesterday - success!  Parking right out the front and a table right away, hooray!

The Grounds is beautiful.  There is a fabulous cafe, gardens full of vegetables, herbs and blooming flowers, carts selling berries, home-made lemonade, baked goods, nuts and olives, an absolutely gorgeous florist (finally found a little terrarium for my office) and a small petting zoo to boot (two of the residents - Kevin Bacon the pig [heh] and Bradley the lamb were kidnapped last year before being found interstate!).  'Tis a photographer's delight ...

All photographs © Natasha Calhoun


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