26 August 2015

mini magnolia frenzy 'n stuff

I was thinking the other day about how much I love, love magnolia season, and mused how lovely it would be if they just bloomed all year 'round for my viewing/photography happiness.  But then I wondered whether I would become complacent about them if that was in fact the case ... yawn, another magnolia tree, big deal, and why so pink, anyway? ... I don't think I would, though.  In fact, I would probably just bore you all to death with endless photos, not unlike, ahem, this post and my post from the other day.

There's a life lesson in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.

In other news, the work dinner last night was fine.  I was slightly overdressed, but had made a text message pact with a colleague/friend earlier in the day about what we were going to wear, so we were both at pretty much the same level of overdressedness, and that was okay (safety in numbers).  We had a good laugh because the dinner was this whole women's thing, with a really inspirational and accomplished female speaker (though not in that overbearing/feral/all-men-must-die sort of way), and once she had concluded her speech, the people with whom I was seated were all "right, so who's watching The Bachelor?" ... hehe.  Speaking of which, it is indeed "Bachie Night" (as we refer to it in the office), so first order of business tomorrow morning will be a dissection of this evening's events :) (I am Team Heather).

So anyway, magnolias:

24 August 2015

currently ...

[yep, I have resorted to Pinterest for blogging prompts ... I can barely focus on anything these days, let alone come up with stuff to write!]

THINKING about what to wear to a work-related dinner tomorrow night.  I normally give functions a very wide berth (what with mingling being my kryptonite and all) but decided to test my comfort zone a little and accept the invitation this year after having declined it for so long (I am honestly a little surprised that they persisted with inviting me after all this time).  Trouble is, I am now feeling so self-conscious and freaked out about the whole thing.  Bloody hell.

ENJOYING redecorating the apartment in little stages.  My current focus is the living room.  I feel that West Elm will do very well from this venture.

FEELING the Fur Kid squishing my left forearm as she lies across my lap, purring her head off.  Aw, little fuzzball.

WEARING pyjama pants and a jumper, eek!  It's cold and rainy outside - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

NEEDING to make dinner, but ...

WANTING dinner to magically appear somehow.

LISTENING to Dido's Life for Rent album.  I recently bought a little Tivoli stereo after having my eye on it for oh, years, and am so enjoying having a CD player to play all my CDs somewhere other than my car.  Whatever happened to Dido, anyway?

MAKING tentative plans to visit Italy and maybe the Greek Islands next May.

EATING Ritter Sport peppermint chocolate.  So minty!  And also, I love that the German word for "peppermint" is pfefferminz.

DRINKING water, but thinking I wouldn't mind a G&T ;)

Wishing you all a lovely week!

22 August 2015

my saturday in photos

Today was beautiful.  Holy moly, so sunny and warm and wonderful and happiness-inducing.  I have had a stomach bug (blech x a million) this past week, and it was lovely to venture out into society again.

Started out with brunch (food! I can eat again, whee!) at The Bathers Pavilion Cafe at Balmoral beach ... I have always wanted to go there and it was so nice to sit by the window and watch the world (and lots of dogs!) go by for awhile.

And then, a little wander along the beach ...

I am drawn to blossoming magnolia trees as if by Giant Magnet ...

Barangaroo Reserve opened today!  The six hectare park is located along a section of the Sydney Harbour foreshore that has been closed to the public for more than 100 years, and includes 6,500 sandstone blocks placed along the shoreline, and more than 70,000 native plants (I would likely singlehandedly kill them all if they were unfortunate enough to be left in my care).  It would also be a killer vantage point for the New Year's Eve fireworks (assuming I wasn't so averse to (a) camping out to secure a spot and (b) bloody crowds!).

A wee spot of shopping at one of my favourite stores to take advantage of their "spend and save" promotion before it ends tomorrow.  I love to rile my dad up all the time - "dad, I spent and saved!" to which he always exasperatedly responds "DON'T YOU SEE?  IT'S A CONTRADICTION IN TERMS!!"  Hee!

And last but not least, indulging in my favourite chocolates from Koko Black - milk salted caramel, dark salted caramel, and mint (um, none of which are actually shown below) :)

Happy weekend, everyone!


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